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Secondhand Vision

Have you ever stopped to think if you are programmed to start each day of your life with a secondhand vision? A secondhand vision according to me is a vision that is NOT yours. It belongs to another person. It is a dream seen by the eyes of another human being and not by yours. While few people in our society are fortunate enough to wake up every morning and jump out of the bed with excitement to live their vision, majority of us are stuck living another person’s or another company’s vision. When was the last time you stopped to think about why you are dreaming somebody else’s dream? Yes, we all need to pay those bills! But do you really have to be stuck inside another person’s dream for that?

What do you think those people who are living their own vision did differently? They are not better than you and me. They simply refused to live a secondhand vision! What do they know that you do not? The secret starts with how to begin your day each day.

This is where you take a pause and think about how you actually start your day right from the minute you open your eyes. I have a suggestion which you can try as an experiment.

Start your day by being your own inspiration. When you wake up, don’t give your energy to your job, clients, or the problems that bothered you before you went to sleep the previous night. That is living in the survival mode, which means you have already started your day with depleted energy levels without even giving your mind and body a chance to be reenergized.

To do something big in life, you have to move out of the survival mode and live from a creation mode. You can only create and innovate when you’re feeling inspired. And inspiration is an inside job. Meditate, workout, add new things to your vision board, and learn to connect to your inner power each morning… so when those problems arise during the day, you will have a place to go deep inside to draw courage, strength, and wisdom to handle that situation.

Every morning, the world will create complicated situations and give you reasons to start your day with a secondhand vision. It is up to you to break this pattern and choose yourself first. When you energize your personal vision first, you will naturally be inspired to help others fulfill their visions too.

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