The Story Behind Freedom Science


Why Freedom Science

Hi! My name is Sayali Tarlekar and I am the Founder of Freedom Science. I grew up in India in a family of well-known writers, moviemakers and social workers. Growing up in a vibrant and a colorful country like India, in an exciting atmosphere of spirituality, literature, entertainment, and community service, I became naturally inclined towards pursuing my metaphysical interests in depth. I have been living in the US for the past 15 years learning, unlearning, and relearning the “science of heart” and the “neuroscience of change” with some of the best mentors, masters, and mystics of the world. In the process, I have learned the art of balancing the material and the metaphysical life.

I hold an MBA in Finance, MPH (Master of Public Health) in Social & Behavioral Health and a BS in Cardiovascular Technology. I am a serial entrepreneur with an interest and focus in launching conscious companies like Rezonate Marketing and Kids Gone Quantum. I am a Certified NeuroChangeSolutions Corporate Consultant, HeartMath Certified Trainer, and a Certified Heartful Schools Meditation Trainer. I am the writer and creator of the spiritual and motivational blog “Turquoiserays”.