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Practice Compassion on National Pet Day


Happy National Pet Day y’all! 3 years ago, around this time, my 6-year-old Maahi came home from the veterinary ICU after going through a major spinal cord surgery for a herniated disc. She was paralyzed before the surgery and she remained paralyzed after the surgery. Many said we should put her down because she wouldn’t walk again. But she did!! She put up a great fight and walked again in 3 months.

What Maahi’s fight did for me was incredible! It broke my heart to pieces and then rebuilt me into a new person. I was tested on all levels like never before. I witnessed a new kind of strength and endurance that I never thought I had in me. Maahi introduced me to a new me!

I wrote a blog post about this experience in 2015 and my friend Diana posted it on FB because she thought the world should know this story. Until then, I was a super secret blogger who wrote only for myself. I only had 3 blogs on my website then and only 5-6 friends knew that it existed. Maahi’s post received more than 500 views and the post was shared by many. After that day, I never stopped writing. Maahi gave me the courage to write; she made me a spiritual and motivational blogger! I am now invited to write for a larger global audience by some organizations. Recently at a job interview, my last interview question was, “How is Maahi?” and I was taken aback! They had researched my blog and me thoroughly. At another meeting, I was told that they needed people with my grit on their team because of my experience with Maahi.

What I want to say to you is that every pet and every animal in your life has a purpose. You never know which being is going to bring you the biggest lesson of love in your life and change you forever. Be grateful for all the animals sent your way because you never know what doors may be opened for you. You will never be fully accomplished as a human being until you embrace all forms of creation. Celebrate Nature with an open heart!

~ be love ~