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“What is the greatest expression of myself that I would like to be?”

When was the last time you asked yourself this question? If you have never asked yourself this question then NOW is the time to do so. As a collective, we have recently been through the toughest times of our lives. 2020 has thrown some unexpected challenges our way. Life as we know it, will never be the same again. Our realities have been altered permanently. We are now living in a completely different world. A new world needs new perspective and new ways to solve problems, whatever they may be. As we continue to bravely face these challenges in 2021, I want to hold your hand and help you navigate your life’s challenging situations.

Cross the River of Change With Me

Whether you are an entrepreneur, business man or woman, student, stay at home parent, a corporation, organization, business, school, hospital, nonprofit, or government agency, my goal is to bring the “neuroscience of personal change” and the “resilience advantage” programs to individuals, teams, and organizations.

Learning new information is the first step in enabling a new way of thinking — a new mindset.

But it’s not enough to just learn new information. By thinking and acting in different ways, new choices appear that we may not have recognized previously. With these new choices comes new ways to act and behave. This, in turn, opens us up to new experiences. The end product of any experience is an emotion. To produce lasting change, therefore, we must engage the emotions that — until now — have shaped our lives, and connect new emotions with new experiences. The result? We are able to step into a new future.

How Does Personal Coaching Work?


Focusing on Your “WHY”

You already know you have a lot to offer to the world! But something keeps getting in the way every single time you want to take action. Has your overwhelming day-to-day life stopped you from focusing on your “WHY”? I can help you bring your focus back, and to develop a strategy to share your unique gift with the world.

The First Step

The “First Step” is always the most important step in any journey. Once you know how to focus on your WHY, the HOW becomes easy. This is where you stop coming up with reasons about why you can’t take that first step. Allow me to hold you hand and help you to take the most important step towards your life-long dream.

Staying in the Game

Wow! You took the first step and launched your dream…but somewhere down the road, you hit a dead end or reached a plateau. You begin to experience fatigue and lack of motivation. You are not alone! We all go through this. I can help you reconnect to yourself and maintain your momentum when this happens.

Use it or Lose It

During any journey, roadblocks are inevitable but that doesn’t mean you have to stop doing what you love the most. When you hit a dead end, I can support you to practice and revisit what you have learned so far and get back in the game. Remember, repetition is the key to success!

I want to master

From the below options, pick a program that you would like to master in your personal coaching session. Which option resonates the most with your goals? If you are not sure or would like to try both NeuroChangeSolutions and HeartMath programs, you can request me to customize your coaching experience to fit your needs.

We can change in times
of pain and suffering
or in times of
inspiration and joy.

What will YOU choose?

How Can We Work Together

Online Coaching

No matter where you are located geographically, distance shouldn’t stop you from learning with me. I offer one-on-one coaching sessions, workshops, and classes through Zoom and Skype, giving you the flexibility and convenience of holding your sessions from anywhere in the world. Many of my clients are located internationally and enjoy attending my coaching sessions from the comfort of their homes.

Face-to-Face Coaching

I offer in-person, one-on-one coaching sessions to help you maximize your potential. If you are located locally and prefer an in-person coaching, you are most welcome to visit my office. If you are located elsewhere, you can request me to travel to your location. Many people like to learn in-person since it helps them understand the program models, concepts, and tools better.

Family & Friends

Do you want to share the coaching experience with your family and friends? I offer workshops where you and your loved ones can experience change together. These sessions can be online or face-to-face, depending on your personal preferences. Family and friends coaching programs have helped my clients to motivate each other as a team, create accountability and maintain sustainable momentum.


Who does not like to learn at a relaxed pace in a beautiful setting? I offer at least 2 retreats each year at beautiful locations like Hawaii, India, and Puerto Rico. (Alaska will be added to this list soon. Stay tuned!) Whether you are a group of friends, or a corporate team, or an individual, who wants to attend one of these retreats, simply fill out the “contact us” form and ask for more information. If you are interested in having me conduct a retreat at a location of your choice, feel free to send me a request.

The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.

– Alvin Toffler

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