Changing Corporate Consciousness


At Freedom Science, I focus on “changing corporate consciousness” through science-based programs, models, and tools. I help organizations improve their business using a unique inside-out approach. These courses and workshops are for organizations interested in using scientific principles to enhance employee productivity, creativity, and innovation. The result? More engaged, creative and productive employees along with increased performance and better financial results.


So many companies and organizations right now are living in an emergency mode. Living in an emergency mode also means living in that state where people are feeling threatened about their current professional and personal scenarios. This feeling triggers a response where they feel there’s danger and that they need to compete, that they need to stay aware if someone is going to steal something or take something from them. Living in this state is living in survival.

And living in survival is living in stress. In the majority of companies and organizations around the world, people are unhappy and they live in a state of survival. There is a whole biochemical process within us that gets activated when we are in survival. We communicate less, we cooperate less, we don’t interact as well, we hold grudges, we are more focused on ourselves, we are less likely to be creative, we don’t want to work with others, and we fall back into old habits and patterns that become very predictable.

Unfortunately, it seems that when an organization, just like a physical body, is living in stress or living in survival, there is very little room for growth and repair. There is very little room for long-term projects. And the majority of companies around the world, especially in the current crisis, can’t see solutions to the problems that are in front of them when they are living in survival. Because living in survival means, it’s not a time to create. It’s a time to deal with the imminent threats. If an organization is constantly living in an emergency mode, then just like the body, sooner or later there is going to be some type of breakdown that takes place in the organization.


The science-based courses and workshops that I teach are designed to help a person, or a collective group of people that are living in survival, get beyond those emotions. I teach people to really change their internal state, so that they are more cooperative, that they are more creative, that they are more collaborative, that they communicate better, and that they’re more innovative. And that comes from changing our biology. I teach people how to move from that state of survival to a state of creation.

In my workshops, I give my client some real, concrete tools that they can practice so that when they start changing as individuals, they can change a culture, because cultures are defined by the environment. And most work environments are made of people. And the problems that we have in cultures and organizations come from the problems we have with people. So then, instead of trying to change everybody else, what if we you created a way that each individual is focusing on changing themselves. Imagine, what kind of outcomes would that produce. It turns out that when you start changing individuals, it gives other people permission to do the same.” I teach people how to change their internal state, and give them the science behind that which allows them numerous opportunities to change. They learn to create teamwork, collaboration, and connection. I have seen people having breakthroughs in my workshops and all of a sudden they start breaking out of their patterns and start doing things differently.

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