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Is the such a thing as a dream job?

“I am ready to throw in the towel!”

Last week, I had a heart-to-heart conversation with my old manager, mentor, and now a close friend when she said that to me. She was ready to give up on her professional ambitions.

I’ve always admired this person for her amazing career trajectory and her tremendous professional accomplishments. She held some top-level positions at various prestigious companies in the past; jobs that you and I could label as the ultimate dream jobs. However, she admitted that no matter what she did professionally, she felt empty inside. Finally, she recently joined a non-profit organization in a leadership role with the hope that being connected to a purpose of helping humanity might make her feel alive again…but sadly that didn’t help either.

Have you ever been here? I have! Not once but multiple times!

Remember that time when you really wanted that one cool job so desperately? After multiple rounds of interviews and a lot of preparation, you finally nailed it! You finally had your dream job! The first few months were amazing, and you were on top of the world. What happened after that phase? Are you still thrilled about that job in the same way? Do you still feel like you’re working in your dream job? Most of us don’t and it is quite natural.

We are all evolving constantly and so is our calling. The organizations at which we work are also evolving daily, now more than ever. When we graduate, we just want that first job to get our foot in the door but as we grow, a purpose and doing meaningful work becomes necessary. Purpose doesn’t necessarily mean working for a non-profit or for a green and conscious company. It also doesn’t mean jumping from one job to another to find that ultimate dream job. Very often we feel the emptiness inside because we have forgotten to connect with ourselves deep within and find meaning in what we are doing.

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