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A Brief “World Health Day” Message

Happy World Health Day everyone! What better day could there be to remind ourselves that our spiritual well-being is one of the most important aspect of our overall health! Health is not only your physical health; it is also peace of mind, joy in the heart, love and laughter. On this day, embrace spirituality; start that meditation habit that you have always wanted to. Awaken and Evolve!

Spiritual evolution does not mean adding more knowledge and wisdom to your life. It does not mean becoming something more or becoming better than who you already are. It does not mean adding a new dimension to your personality. You are beautiful as you are. You are perfect. Evolution means becoming what we were when we first came on this planet. It is all about going back to that child-like innocent state. It is about unlearning everything that the society has made you to believe. It is about discarding everything that is not letting you be you. Finally, it is about finding your way back to you! ❤️

~ be love ~