Changing Corporate Consciousness

At Freedom Science, I focus on “changing corporate consciousness” through science-based programs, models, and tools. I help organizations improve their business using a unique inside-out approach. These courses and workshops are for organizations interested in using scientific principles to enhance employee productivity, creativity, and innovation. The result? More engaged, creative and productive employees along with increased performance and better financial results.



If knowledge is power, then knowledge about yourself is self-empowerment. – Dr. Joe Dispenza


Meet Sayali…

Hi! My name is Sayali Tarlekar and I am the Founder of Freedom Science. I grew up in India in a family of well-known writers, moviemakers and social workers. Growing up in a vibrant and a colorful country like India, in an exciting atmosphere of spirituality, literature, entertainment, and community service, I became naturally inclined towards pursuing my metaphysical interests in depth. I have been living in the US for the past 15 years learning, unlearning, and relearning the “science of heart” and the “neuroscience of change” with some of the best mentors, masters, and mystics of the world. In the process, I have learned the art of balancing the material and the metaphysical life.

I hold an MBA, MPH (Master of Public Health) in Social & Behavioral Health and a BS in Cardiovascular Technology. I am an entrepreneur with an interest and focus in launching conscious companies like Rezonate Marketing and Kids Gone Quantum. I am a HeartMath Certified Trainer and a Certified Heartfulness Schools Meditation Trainer. I am the writer and creator of the spiritual and motivational blog “Turquoiserays”.

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Sayali Tarlekar, MBA, MPH

Creating a new wave in the field of organizational transformation.


Self-empower yourself with scientific principles and concepts

All true change can only happen from the inside out.


I had the pleasure of doing the NeuroChangeSolutions (NCS) workshop with Sayali as the instructor. I have also been familiar with Dr Joe prior to the workshop. She was amazing as an instructor. Her pace, her understanding and articulation made it easy to grasp the material. I loved it when she spent additional time on difficut concepts and ensured all the students in the class undestood it. I highly recommend Sayali!

– Sure Bathija

Entrepreneur and Real Estate Agent

Even though I have been familiar with Dr. Joe’s teaching, Sayali’s seminar brought me new insights that hadn’t clicked before. She has an innate ability to tune into her audience and guide them towards breakthrough and a sense of possibility.

– Daniela Caine

CEO & Founder, Koryphae

I attended the “Change Your Mind…Create New Results” workshop led by Sayali. Words cannot describe the way Sayali presents the information! Not only was I impressed with the information but the delivery of the information was also perfect. To this day, I am still practicing the methods presented in the class. I always ask myself why didn’t I take the class sooner.

– Travis Cornwell, MBA

Project Manager, Airgas

The NeuroChangeSolutions (NCS) workshop lead by Sayali was amazing to say the least. She is extremely intelligent, kind, and speaks so well to through each lesson. My favorite part was when she would share her personal experiences related to these lessons. I’m excited to work with her in the near future with my team at work. These workshops are indeed the way of the future for corporations and small businesses.

Danielle Coggin

Director of Materials and Color, Eddie Bauer


Changing Corporate Consciousness


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